Hearing aids are music to the ears of this concert violinist

Twenty seven year old musician, Erin, is a first violinist for the Cairns Concert Orchestra, leader of the Cairns Chamber Ensemble and a member of the string quartet Strings 4. Erin’s achievements are all the more impressive, knowing that she has had a degenerative hearing loss for almost twenty years.

As a young child, Erin’s hearing loss went undetected, as it seemed impossible that an extremely talented, budding violinist, who relies heavily on sound precision, could be having hearing issues.

It wasn’t until Erin was 15 years old, after turning the TV volume up consistently loudly, that Erin saw Dr John Wells, who diagnosed her with 20 per cent degenerative hearing loss and was immediately referred to Australian Hearing Cairns.

The team at Australian Hearing assessed Erin further and recommended for her to be fitted with hearing devices, a time Erin remembers vividly:
“Australian Hearing suggested I bring my violin to the fitting, which was a brilliant idea, as we were able to fit my hearing aids to suit my violin volumes. I remember hearing sounds again for the first time in years, including birds singing. It was funny, I actually thought the birds were inside my head as they sounded that close – much to the amusement of everyone around me,” Erin laughed.

School was often a lonely time for Erin. Erin noticed her hearing loss from as early as eight years old, but because her hearing loss wasn’t detected until her mid-teens, it meant that she missed out on social conversations, which often lead to lack of friendships.

Today, Erin has a number of very close friends, and has been living with her partner, Robbie Johnstone, accomplished conductor and violinist, for the last 7 years.

By day, Erin is a Payroll Officer and by night, loves playing in her various music groups, especially performing Classical pieces and modern movie themes. Erin said of her relationship with Australian Hearing:

“Australian Hearing has been fantastic to me, they are like family. They always fit my appointment times around me, not them. The best thing is, that they have fitted me with new hearing aids, as technology advances. Previously, people used to sound like robots to me when I wore my aids.”

“Now, with my new aids, the difference is dramatic. The volume levels are perfect, the filters are so much better, which means I can focus on the sound brilliantly.”

Erin’s Italian made violin is a treasured possession. But her most treasured possession of all are her Siemens hearing devices, fitted by Australian Hearing, because without her hearing aids, there would be no music in her life.

5 Most Popular Types of French Cuisines

Right from a very young age, children in France are taught how to appreciate good food and are surely proud of the culinary reputation that the country holds throughout the world. French food has a culinary tradition that dates back to several centuries ago. The modern French food is an outcome of many centuries of evolution, perfection and a lot of research. It forms an integral part of their beautiful culture. The chefs from France are also known to be one of the most creative chefs in the world; they are known for their ability to satisfy some of the most discriminating types of tastes with some of the most authentic French dishes.

Inevitable Italian Influence

Most of the success and popularity of French food is owed to Catherine de Medicis. She was a Queen who came to power in the year 1533, when she travelled to France from Italy; she brought her own entourage of chefs from Florence. At that period of time, Italian chefs were known to be more experienced than French chefs. They brought in their own techniques and methods that were modified to go well with the food products of France. This kind of cooking was quickly picked up by the people of France and ever since, the country’s influence on French food and practically never ceased.

The Vast region-based variety

The kind of food eaten varies in a big way based on the geographical regions. It can be as varied as very light on the tummy food from the Mediterranean regions of Provence to heavy game-based cuisine of Normandy. The French don’t seem to be too fond of snacks between meals. They have 3 satisfying meals a day. The breakfasts are usually light with just coffee and bread and is followed by a huge lunch and an ever larger dinner (four course or more). Here’s a gist of the different kinds of cuisines of France.

  • Normandy: This region is popular for its great apples and dairy products. This is where the famous Camembert cheese originates. It was first made in the village of Camembert and is an exclusive product of this region. Apples here are not just used in dessert but also in alcohols and cocktails. Calvados is an extra strong brandy made from apples. The most popular beverage that this region is known for is Pommeau de Normandie.  
  1. Provence: The sunny and warm weather of Provence helps with the production of good vegetables and best quality fruits that have a wonderful aroma. Typical ingredients of the cuisine from Provence will have herbes de province, garlic and olive oil. Tatatoulle is a popular vegetable stew which is made of olive oil, onions, zucchinis, tomatoes and pepper. Salade Nicoise is another popular dish which contains tomatoes, tuna, lettuce, black olives, anchovies, eggs and green beans.
  2. Southwest France: The cuisine from this part of the country is made of produits du terroir. Truffles are found all over this portion and the most popular of the varieties are the black truffles which are underground mushrooms. These are rare and are a delicacy. They are cooked with different spices and sauces that can be very aromatic and tasty.
  3. Lyon: This place is the uncrowned gastronomic capital of the country. The city has produces many renowned chefs like Léon de Lyon, Pierre Orsi, Paul Bocuse, etc. It is also home to some of the finest cooking institutes in the world.

There are many more minor varieties that are much adored by the French people. A visit to a good French restaurant like Le Bouchon restaurant, Sherbrooke is a must for a serious learner.